It doesn’t matter what software you use, or what drive hard drive, tape drive, etc. All replies Drop Down menu. I can’t imagine that Retrospect would have a problem with backup sources on hard drives attached to this card. Ask a question Reset. I suspect that Retrospect has problems writing to or reading from tape drives connected to this card; we have seen reports on this forum to that effect. Posted May 14, Mar 18,

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Mar 18, 8: Posted May 14, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: I was shocked today after I bought and downloaded 5.

This adapter was heavily tested and failed in every case. That is a problem for some, but it is not a problem for me.

Seagate STLW drive with Adaptec AHA… РApple Community

These drives work fine uner OS X. Dec 29, 8: I beleive it had to do with firmware vs software based cards, even of the same model number.

In fact, it worked so well that after connecting a PC formated drive it would auto-mount and read with no problem. I agree that it is not Dantz’s responsibility to fix the driver. How can a 2940u2g of essentially Apple supplied hardware, which is otherwise supported in OS X, be unsuppored in the final commercial release of Retrospect.


Adaptec Aha-2940u2b-mac PCI Ultra2 Wide SCSI Controllers

The card works and is supported under OS X. It is Apple’s responsiblity. Posted on Nov 24, Posted April 15, You should be voicing your concerns to Adaptec — not to Dantz.

Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Both 240u2b, source and destination, are UW on the U2B internally. It just seems to have resolved itself after I upgraded the memory to the maximum.

All replies Drop Down menu. As for the auto-mount issue. Cause your comes with SCSI. The Preview worked fine for this, although it had trouble re-building catalogs from CD-R backup sets.

Apple Adaptec SCSI 68pin SE PCI Card Aha-2940u2b-mac

Already have an account? The Adaptec statement quoted earlier in this thread by John Mayoff simply says that if you bought your card through Apple, look to Apple for driver updates.

My feeling is that Dantz did not finish the drivers for this card under OS Xin the release of 5. Posted April 19, It appears that there are serious problems writing or reading to tape drives connected to the OEM U2B.


However, after using Drive Setup 1. Dantz has stated that their product is incompatible with the U2B.

[ used ]Adaptec AHAU2B MAC Mac exclusive use Ultra2 SCSI card : Real Yahoo auction salling

View answer in context. I will try backing up to an UW hard disk connected internally to the board. If Firestone said that none of their tires were compatible on Ford vehicles any longer, would you ask the company that makes your brakes to fix it?

I just want them to tell us the extent 240u2b the incompatibility.