At some point I swapped to 3cs, various versions, and they seem trouble free for 98, , xp. Feb 12, Posts: It has reserved pins which are the programming voltage and program enable and it repurposes other pins when program enable is asserted. What the hell OS is this computer running. Fri May 08, 6: Having a license file tied to a piece of hardware has always been a sketchy business in my experience. But for a retro game machine, it doesn’t matter.

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Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.

Fos the network card have to be 3COM? Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Fri May 08, 4: Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck with the B either.

Index of /pub/windows/drivers/Rede/3Com/3c905/Novo/MSLANMAN.DOS/DRIVERS/ETHERNET/EL90X

Having a license file tied to a piece of hardware has always been a sketchy business in my experience. Also had a d-link that was trouble free, and an intel one.

It’s a major pain when you can’t get them off the network because you don’t have network drivers. The driver options under Windows are a bit better in this respect. Be careful with these, because they aren’t actually Base cards. Thanks for the responses so far.

Thu May 07, 9: Feb 27, Posts: Unfortunately, Win9x does not have built-in drivers for these. That laptop has both 3Com and Intel cards available, so from now on I prefer the 3Com. Fri May 08, 6: Beyond 95, pci nics seem to work without issue as far as I found. It’s possible some cards, probably with a 3cA or 3cB, had the necessary connections to allow the program voltage to be connected 12V might have done it, and was available on ISA and to allow the program enable pin to be pulled – this’d be done by the EtherDisk utility and was so that Netware environments would not be disturbed by swapping out a NIC – you’d usually program in an NE’s old MAC.


Never had any issues and have all arrived brand new and sealed.

Users browsing this forum: When I first started to network my PCs, I bought these cards because they were cheaper than most others. May 7, Posts: I don’t have a clue how it was done, other that what I posted back in In my 7 box I use a Xeno Killer NIC, though reviews on the web mostly conclude the supposed extra 3c905 performance of these is hype.

My P3 era Thinkpad also had a similar Intel card in it, I’m not sure exactly what chip it’s based on but it uses the same x driver.

3Com drivers free download software for all devices

I’m sure any sort of virtual environment will not work for this, but thanks for the idea. Funny you should mention the 3Com 3CTX. I have a small stack of network cards, but never tried anything else than Realtek cards in DOS. And you can buy them for next to 3co.


So maybe HellDiver’s site at the time paid more to buy models with that feature enabled. Google [Bot]sunaiac and 20 guests. PM me for more details.

We’re talking about licenses for 4 seats plus expensive options on a floating license setup. I have quite a few different ones lying around, including a 3CB.

Mon May 11, 7: This is for an old, but 3coj expensive, CAD license that the software company simply has no reason to support because it is such an outdated version. If you install the Intel utilities then they also have lots of configuration options, but honestly that’s rarely useful.