Message 3 of 6. I have a very old VI with a very old driver. Do you have any experience with this? I’ll supply an example of sampling code I use later today. Error 6 I get it only when pressing “Take Measurement” button. If you have the C, use that driver rather than the X driver.

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I will at least try that, I tried working with two other drivers as well and somehow sampling is way harder than sweeping.

You must also provide an include path for hpb. The SCPI commands look similar for both, but there are probably subtle differences that are the result of new features in the Agilent C.

Message 8 of This is on the B, 4156h I can now input data from Labview to HP However, for maximum portability, the instrument address should use uppercase characters only. Moreover I cannot see the trace of the sweep I expected a trace of 10 MA constant current and voltage ranging from 0 to 1 V not on the monitor of neither on the graph plot of the LabView VI interface.


Do you have any experience with this? Did you try other commands which take a longer time to execute?

I’ll supply an example of sampling code I use later today. Lzbview error can occur if configuration of GPIB is not correct e. This is where I get error D 00 40 where after rading through the pages of the manual I got to the conclusion that D stands for data error, first two characters, xx, stand for X axis, the second set of 2 characters Y axis I will try nevertheless to find a solution.

I will give it a try. Do not build the driver in the directory in which it was installed. Message 4 of 6.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 4156B

A higher level of support from Agilent Technologies for the compiled driver 3. I have a very old VI with a labgiew old driver.

To load the dll you must include the file hpb. I will keep you posted with the outcome.

b free download, or read b online

Most Active Software Boards: Sampling on HP Transportability across different computer platforms 2. Next step I have tried before preparing the probestation was to set for one of the SMUs SMU1 a voltage value and measure the set value using a multimeter.

  D51C P18A 20 P 256C DRIVER

The driver uses Pascal calling conventions. But if you attach code I can test on a The only exceptions are that it does not have a soft front panel or a knowledge base file. All of the directory paths which follow assume Windows It includes a comprehensive on-line help file which complements the instrument oabview.

I also have that driver that you’re using, it would be very nice if you provided me that code. Error 6 I get it only when pressing “Take Measurement” button. Message 3 of I am not sure if the Instrument Driver for the B adds custom messages.

Second, there is no knowledge base file, which is primarily a description of a VXI board.