We use the GUCA here as well. It has a 3 foot cable and uses the FTDI chipset. Contact Us Email Us. Mon Oct 31, 4: While installing the driver it warned that older serial numbers wouldn’t work.

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Serial to USB adapter

Many brands use FTDI chips. I am sure this is not a big problem. Mon Oct 31, 4: Dec 8, Posts: Information about drivers for Prolific chip: Can’t find the other one, I may have tossed it.

Aug 31, Posts: Wed Oct 19, 5: It worked great on XP and Vista and was my preferred adapter in most cases. If the character is a digit, the converter is the old type and this converter cannot be used with bit versions of Windows Because it is constantly in sync with my dropbox folder, there is no problem.

I generally feel these are the best, but not always necessary. Follow us on Twitter Youtube.


You can use this driver as a replacement for your current driver should you experience problems using the Bridgemate Pro server on computers running Windows Right-click on “USB to serial bridge” the name may be slightly different depending on the current driver versionthen click “Uninstall”. Hello, I had to buy new laptop with annoying Win8.

A problem with Aten UCA serial converter in windows 8 – Microsoft Community

No I did not find this article helpful. Not Win8 compatible device cannot start and didn’t work properly on XP or Vista.

Yes I found this article helpful. Only on STEP7 I have this problem Perhaps you need to follow the steps shown in the attachment, as my converter is connected to my system.

USB > RS232 adapter

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Before buing the Parallax adapter, my laptop has USB3 ports.

You can now connect your Bridgemate Pro server via the uc23a. Most USB to Serial converters will automatically download the drivers for it from Windows Update when first plugged in. Anyone familiar with this problem?


USB > RS adapter – Ars Technica OpenForum

And new drivers wont help it. Oct 13, Posts: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

Click on “Device Manager”. If the Bridgemate Pro server uses a direct serial connection port or another brand of USB-serial converter, do not use this driver.

I might have to try one. Demo Channel on Youtube. Sat Nov 05, Recommended for permanent installation to machines. These models that are sold by many sellers on Ebay. Fri Oct 21, 3: Will order from Parallax today.