No relevant change to AACC was made We did not change the database to make this fail, but after testing, we can see that the DB vendor Intersystems are using stricter ODBC compliance when reserved words are used in the new database version. Message 8 of 13 2, Views. Try replacing ” in your select query I appreciate any assistance you can provide. I am trying to allow my customer access to the Cache database in AACC for data warehousing and reporting purposes as described in the Performance Management documentation. The following static methods are available:.

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Aha, so probably using the query without quotes would have worked as well Glad that you’ve sorted this.

AACC\ACCS 7.X Custom reports will not retrieve data for the “time” field in MS excel

No other use is permitted. Turns on logging and sets the log file location. Can anybody please confirm what is required here. Very little configuration is required to use a. Message 9 of 13 2, Views.

Caché ODBC Driver FAQ

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This section describes the server settings required for a connection, and some troubleshooting tips. The following tables describe all parameters that can be used in a connection string. The failure reported by the database is caused by MS Excel not enclosing reserved word in double avata.

ACCS Database Integration Report ERROR – ODBC – Avaya Support Forums

Thanks, but it is this document I am quoting above. Total number of idle connections in all the pools. NET Managed Provider fache, or both. Total number of established connections in all pools. ODBC has always required reserved word Time to be enclosed in double quotes.

By default, the sample programs use the following connection information:. If you select “dSkillsetstat” in excel using the 6. Recycles connections in the pool associated with connection object conn.

Total number of idle connections in the pool associated with connection object conn. Total number of in-use connections in the pool associated with connection object conn.

Once the object has been created, it can be shared among all the classes that need it. Default is 0 use system default value alternate name: I just changed it to a simple SQL query. Sets the TCP nodelay option.


Default is 0 use system default value. Try replacing ” in your select query Deletes all connections avaa removes all pools, regardless of what state the connections are in.

In the Name box, enter the required name of the DSN.

AACC Integration Overview

Sets the TCP receive buffer size. Thank you Hugoberry, this makes perfect sense to me however I do not see anywhere in the Query editor where I can change this select query?? Removes all connections in the connection pools and clears the pools. Set Pooling to false to create a avaay with no connection pooling. The example will show you why the failure is happening in 7 and not in 6.

Thank you, adding escape quotes avsya not work unfortunately. A case-sensitive username and password.