This means that a tripod isn’t needed and you can take great hand held pictures. At the same time as buying the 7D, I also bought this new lens. You just get too much camera shake. Finally, I have to say that it is also a pain only having one camera body and long lens. This give pretty much the same advantages and disadvantages as the x2 converter except that it increases the magnification by x1. The driver may be included in your OS or you may not need a driver. No film costs and no development costs.

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No film costs and no development costs. You just get too much camera shake. I was desperate to buy this lens and ordered it as soon as the Mrs said OK. Still it’s early days yet and I have not fully explored this camera by any means.

It proved to be quite light to handle and the auto-focus is very fast.

imageRUNNER 5000

Below is a listing 5000n our top FAQ’s. Not in the same league as the 1D which is not without it’s critics but still has some significant advantages over my 20D and 30D bodies.

On the downside it’s big and heavy. There are no Recommended Downloads available.

It is a huge lens compared to the old EFmm EF This give pretty much the same advantages and disadvantages as the x2 converter except that it increases the magnification by x1. 5000b the same time as buying the 7D, I also bought this new lens. This isn’t very good for those who prefer landscape photography but it is great for me, because this cropping does make the subject occupy a larger percentage of the frame and so makes it look like the lens has a bigger zoom than it really does.


This means that it is prone to some camera shake which can be significant. So my mm zoom x6 magnification suddenly becomes a mm zoom x12 magnification. It was also much sharper when used with the 1.

Edge A white bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window which will contain your download. The only disadvantage with this lens is that the zoom from is a sliding motion rather like a telescope. That’s great because it means that I can take more reasonable pictures in poor light conditions i.

First, it has a faster number of frames per second at 8 as opposed to 6. So they stays at home these days and the mm and 2nd body only go with me occasionally, carried outside the bag.

Actually most things are considerably cheaper in the US, at least that was true when I used to work there. I would say no! It fits between the camera body and lens as shown on the left – it’s just about visible and csnon doubles the magnification of the lens.

canon ir N firmware

The image stabiliser system in my lens does work with the converter so this reduces camera shake considerably but not enough to compensate for the amount of shake you get trying to manually focus an unsupported lens. That’s good if you are trying to track and photograph a flying bird. I think this lens works really well and I’m looking forward to trying it out on some small creatures in the spring.


Actually, it has canno serious drawbacks. Pictures that I would have considered rubbish with my old film camera could, with some clever use of software, be cropped and enhanced to make them reasonable.

The 2nd reason is the auto-focus system. To be honest I only bought this because I intended to splash out on the mm prime lens that will auto-focus using this converter making it a mm auto-focusing lens.

If you put the converter on to photograph some relatively sessile subject some distance away, and a rare or fast moving species appears nearby, you can’t dismount the converter quickly enough. Cano can compensate for this by increasing the ISO a little if necessary. Only then did I start to enjoy bird photography because the digital camera allowed me 5000n experiment and see the results almost immediately. However, it is just that the picture sensor is smaller than a 35mm film and effectively crops the picture.