Handy Startup Monitor 1. And then I checked these When I pointed out that the Kodachrome option didn’t seem to have any effect on my scans of Kodachrome slides, for example, my contact at VueScan suggested that the option is better ignored in favor of a different setting altogether. Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits on subjects as varied as ape language experiments, politics, quantum physics, and an overview of a top company in the gaming industry. You can either download the program for free or purchase it. There are a few statements in this review that I take issue with. But if you want to do any advanced tweaking, or multi-page PDF generation, Vuescan gives you far more choices and control.

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Fstoppers Reviews VueScan 9 Scanning Software | Fstoppers

There are six tabs on the left moving from “Input” on the far left to “Output” and “Prefs” on the right. When I crop, I want to draw a box and be done with it. PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

As distributed VueScan supports optical character recognition of English documents; 32 additional language packages are available on its website.

One measure of the shortcomings of the User Guide is that Hamrick Software includes a link to a third-party book on its website, calling it the “missing manual” for VueScan users. By the way, film profiles are useless. Absolutely agree proo the following points: One is pre-focused at the height of their film holders.


rpo VueScan also offers the advantage over SilverFast of working with any scanner it supports without having to buy a separate version for each scanner. Spy Black – July 17, I wish Ed Hamrick would join the rest of the graphics race and make and interface you can actually use. Essentially, you’re getting a bird’s eye view of your negatives or slides so that you can decide which frames you want to work on in earnest.

Purchase of a Professional licence removes the watermark; a cheaper Standard licence omits some advanced features.

Fstoppers Reviews VueScan 9 Scanning Software

For this I agree Vuescan’s interface is clumsy and inaccessible. Log in or register to post comments. However, which one will be the better choice will depend at least partly on the scanner you plan to use it with. Pros Delivers higher-quality output than the drivers that come with most scanners.

Ed Hamrick works on the application all the time to make it work even better with the plethora of scanners that it supports. As for crop, at least on my two Coolscans I can set the crop by pulling the corners or the edges of the crop box in the preview window. Random Number Generator Software 7. And there are lots of updates.

When compared to SilverFasta similar program, the reviewer considered the two programs to be comparable, with support for some specific scanners better in one or the other. Lo and behold, Vuescan somehow automatically activated wireless scanning on thewhich was awesome. VueScan is a computer program for image scanningespecially of photographs, including negatives.


David is also an expert in imaging technologies including printers, moni I use Vuescan with a canon flatbed scanner and can work around the software.

Multi-exposure isn’t needed for photographic prints, because the prints themselves have limited dynamic range.

Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. KC Softwares AudioGrail 6.

VueScan 9 Professional Edition

I still get lots of people buying VueScan for Epson scanners, so there must be a reason: Hans Rosemond has been known to fall down a lot on set. Its clunky and not a patch on Canon Scan Utility. If you want better quality, you can almost certainly get it with either SilverFast or VueScan.

The best effort is no shown here https: The user interface is simple and easy to get around, but the number of options can be overwhelming. Vuescan supports more scanners, with a single purchase giving access to the full range of both film and flatbed scanners, and carries vuecsan lower price.

This is not true of either Epson Scan or SilverFast; and it the reason I originally purchased the software.