Connectivity options and physical controls abound: I would be willing to bet however that the companies producing them will sell fewer units collectively than Apple will sell iPods. Porsche’s sports car tech improves the new Cayenne SUV. What about the review of the BA10E? Well actually, the active digitizer-equipped version of this is how a tablet should be. Get the updated fireware, google it.

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Hanvon TouchPad BC10C and BA10E hands-on

The unit turns on by itself Yeah. And the guy said that the processor was not optimized yet, hanvn the 3. I believe will be purchasing a couple of these for development work as soon a they are available state side. Is there any news to provide? Sitemap Get in touch About. Rather than helping, your reply has only served to derail my previous request above.

Hanvon BC10C Touchpad Tablet PC

It has a maximum memory of up to 2GB with built-in Wi-Fi This tablet’s initial bios is buggy. We all need some info on availability. I had the exact same question! JKK Is thing worth the asking price? Skip all 2 or 3?


Deepan, How do you change the language to English? As well as upload photos immediately for family and friends to share the joy of life.

I was totally for the iPad until I realized how much web browsing I specifically do requires flash. The BC10C, while bulkier, boasts an Intel Celeron chip — a little more power, but we can’t help but wonder how battery life would suffer. When can I order it?

Julius P 11 September at I guess I will hold wirless to see how much the HP Slate costs. It also acts as an office secretary for office workers and the business elite.

Anyone trying to compare this to the iPad is brain damaged. Teebo the dog 14 June at I looked in bios there is nothing. I’ve been looking and still haven’t found anything. This is the real Hanvon product, as i see the B10 also has Touchpad written on the front.

Thanks a lot from Spain. The BA10E seems to be the more interesting because of the active digitizer.


Hanvon BC10C Touchpad Tablet PC –

BTW I don’t know why you have mentioned Windows 10, it has absolutely nothing to do with this topic and I’m not interested in it at all! Hi, Do you have the same tablet?

I converted Win 7 to english, so no problem. I will suggest taken the cheap version and change the Hanvno afterwards yourself, maybe to SSD when the prices drops, which will give better battery life. I really thought it was the same search as the one I did.

Posted March 15, at People really need this, and one of you reading this must surely be in a position to help out.

George, I have sent you an E-mail.