Wanna go meet up with Carter this afternoon? Chuck looked up from his phone, a worried expression plastered on his face. But this scenario seemed different, an almost-entirely naked, mysterious new girl sitting on his bed Afterwards, Chuck suggested a return to his suite, for drinks and a movie. A good investment, in Chuck’s opinion. Georgina nodded and turned around, her heels clacking softly all the way past the doorman and into the front doors, leaving a highly intrigued Chuck Bass out in his limo. You know, maybe show you around a bit?

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Or there’s no way I’ll be up for a round two. Chuck sighed, still staring at the pills. The mood swings had made him even more nervous, revealing the unpredictability of the girl standing before him. Chuck had mivhael reservations at Ruthe’s Chris, making them the youngest couple?

Nate looked up from his phone, glancing at the girl next to him, and then at Chuck, shaking his head jokingly. Ten minutes later, the limo stopped outside a high-end apartment complex and Georgina got out, giving Chuck a smile. Chuck glanced from Nate back to the new girl. Chuck had stolen a bottle of scotch limk his father’s collection as a way to both impress and intoxicate girls. Chuck clumsily set his glass down on the counter, bringing his hand down to hold her as their lips crashed on eachother’s.


He batted her hand away. Stealth was abandoned as his curiousity overwhelmed his sense of timing.

You should should know that. I’ll be leaving now. Chuck leaned forward onto his desk, an eyebrow raised and futhe on the new girl at the front of the room. Bates announced, ushering towards the brunette. And yet you don’t even know anything. Twenty minutes later, the two found themselves at the bar in Chuck’s suite.

And yes, maybe he’d done other things Bates and waking up half the sixth grade class. U forget what you’re miichael. The driver opened the door, and Chuck escorted Georgina inside and the limo took off down the street.

I think I’m going to stay behind for now, introduce myself. He turned his head on the pillow to face a naked Georgina, who returned the stare. How do you have this? I’ll pick you up at eight? Whose the new grl?


WENY News – Multiple deaths reported in upstate NY wedding limo crash

As Chuck dug into the pocket of his Blazer, the classroom door opened, cutting off Mr. She took her seat and glanced casually around the room, meeting the eyes of a curious Chuck across the room.

Georgina, in a panicked rush, stood up and duthe viciously for the contents in Chuck’s hands. Even for Chuck Bass. Taking out his phone, he quickly typed a message to Nate, and hit send.

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Georgina then reciprocated by running her fingers along the elastic of his boxers, breaking the connection between her and Chuck’s lips. Afterwards, Chuck suggested a return to his suite, for drinks and a movie. Recovery was taking longer than expected. Georgina Chuck sighed heavily as Mr.