We’d like to thank everybody for their confidence and support in making us the th most funded Technology project in Kickstarter history to date. Axiotron Modbook Tablet Mac”. Built on the core team that created the previous two generations, Modbook Inc is an established and successful business with a proven track record, from prototyping to manufacturing to sales and support. With the above in mind, I believe this is indeed the time to become an investor in Modbook Inc.. In particular, “power hungry” applications get a massive performance boost.

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My journey to make a commercially viable Tablet Mac started in Mofbook when I realized that Apple would not be making them, both then and for the foreseeable future. We are using only genuine Apple Want an OS X tablet? Modbook’s next project is the convertible MacBook Apple won’t make. This requires full-featured, pro desktop apps AND workstation-level performance.

Visit us in Los Angeles and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look travel and hotel not included. Launch of the Modbook Pro to help build and fine-tune the business processes and infrastructure needed for the Pro X. Networking was supported with an integrated Gigabit Ethernet port, a Wi-Fi card that supports the Estimated delivery Sep These users need the power, performance, and portability of a laptop but also require advanced pen capabilities to draft, design, and create wherever they are.

However we are also prepared to further scale to different manufacturing profiles as needed. The company aims the Modbook Pro at the serious artist who needs a sensitive pen 1, levels of pressure sensitivity for sketching, while also having a need for running OS X apps. Our focus is on developing high-quality creative technologies that no one else will make.


Modboo sell transformed Apple base systems, and for every Modbook we sell, we also sell one MacBook for Apple. Challenge the Norm Reject the status quo and team up with us to revolutionize the tools creatives use by shaping and fine-tuning the look and feel of our products, brand and marketing.

Modbook Pro X — ” Retina Quad-Core Mac OS X Tablet by Modbook Inc. — Kickstarter

Signup Sign up with Facebook Privacy: This August marks the tenth anniversary since CEO and lead engineer Andreas Haas began development on the first Mac-based tablet for the creative community. Our Modbooks are, in essence, Macintosh conversion kits that transform genuine Apple MacBook Pro laptop computers into pen-enabled Mac tablets.

When creatives need pen capabilities and the power, performance, and portability of the macOS platform, Apple recommends purchasing a Mac for the creative pro apps and for pen use, either an iPad or a third-party solution such as a windows based tablet, and using all of them in tandem.

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Modbook Pro: Yes, there is an OS X tablet and it’s been available since 2012

This isn’t too surprising when considering that we start with one of the most powerful laptop computers available, the top-end Apple Retina inch MacBook Pro.

Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. Using the MacBook Pro in this fashion voids Apple’s warranty so the Modbook Pro comes with a one-year warranty taablet its own to cover the tablet.

Apple patent points to Minority Report-style system operation.


Google discounts the Pixel C for Android N development Google’s latest hardware is being offered to developers in 13 countries at a reduced rate for Android N app building.

The Modbook Pro X optionally includes the innovative rear Keybars, an eyes-free solution for quickly entering commands and shortcuts into the device with one hand. Great downstream usability as a standard notebook computer for general users compared to other tablets and tablet displays Cintiq. Built on the core team that created the previous two generations, Modbook Inc is an established and successful business with a proven track record, from prototyping to manufacturing to sales and support.

Want a Windows tablet? Mobility WatchOS 3 beta helps responders in situations. Tablt, the creative folks at Modbook are at it again, this time taking the guts of the newest Retina MacBook Pro and turning it into something akin to a giant OS X-running Surface on steroids.

The ultimate tablet computer, the Pro X offers a crisp Driven by feedback like this, we have made it our first priority to taboet the best pen input experience possible. Signup Already have an account?

And when it comes to screen resolution, the Modbook Pro X Retina display blows the Cintiq Companion and Surface Pro 3 out of the water, and offers even more pixels when connected to an external 4K display the Cintiq Companion and Surface Pro 3 cannot support a 4K display:.