The Butter is negotiating for record affiliation and the Velvet Underground is already established with Verve. See also PL IX, p. The majority of the variable names used in the program exclusive of work arrays are reasonably well defined either by the comments in the source code, by the wording of the prompts that precede their definition by the user, or by their context. College radio within the Boston-Cambridge area — and there are some powerhouse stations — are also accounting the increased record activity. These will include both a male and a female group, as well as male and female art- ists. Lyrichord, Folkways and Baroque labels. The musical, which early misses in its drive for shock value, has some good material and at least one ex- ceptional performer, Jill O’Hara, a smallish Cass Elliott.

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Gilbert demonstrated that the sensitivity of the characteristic roots of a matrix to variations in the matrix elements is minimized when the nominal eigenvectors of the matrix are made as nearly orthogonal as possible [ Africa, where she’s featured artist in the Independence Day Celebra- tion there. If the calculated control levels are excessive, they are reduced to movem maximum allowable level.

There is danger, too, of intermixture of material 2388s farther up the hole, but this may be obviated to a considerable degree by suitable casing. The potash was determined throughout this investigation by the method outlined by Hicks and Bailey.

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Hole 3, Salem, p. The Wenonah sand is the highest formation of the Matawan group; the Mount Laurel is the basal formation of the overlying Monmouth group. A few lattcred gravel grains.


Many of the classical “rules of thumb” that have traditionally been applied to the loop gains of SISO control systems can be generalized to apply to the “singular values” of the MIMO loop matrix [14,37,43].

2838a girl group the Nursery Rhymes left 28338s Ltd. Also allow 10 words at 2Sr each for number and address.

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Second-class postage paid at New York, N. It was aimed primarily at the older church members.

The station has also added taped stereo programs of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orches- tra, bringing the programming rosier of the station to the six major orchestras, including the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Bos- ton Symphony Orchestra, and Ihe Boston Pops.

In fields and in roads the greensand gives a greenish color to the soil. In addition, talent promoters are bringing in a wealth of talent, all associated with the West Coast movement.

Design of systems that meet these criteria is greatly complicated by unknown or unmodelled differences between the mathematical model on the drawing board and the real world.

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Because it depends on an internal model of the overall system to provide estimates, insertion of a Kalman filter in the loop generally degrades robustness [10,30]. And the most important.

In general, the regulator designs which exhibited relative 2838d to the effects of higher order actuator dynamics were those most vulnerable to the low frequency perturbations. Where the pit is most swampy the marl has 15 to 25 feet of overburden consisting of ajbout 10 feet of yellow gravel, imderlain by Ejrkwood sand. Material in this interval became mixed with overljring yellowish material by accident in driving pipe. Glauconite bedji, similar to above, not sampled.


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The results of these evaluations were compared to information obtained through singular value analysis and study of the regulator pole locations. The intricate rhymes and the elegarl poetic text are part of the grand design of moem French chanson. Newly copyrighted works and those in their original term will come under the hoped-for revision law’s life phis year period.

The records, featuring top names in public life, will urge the youngsters to com- plete high school.

Rise time increased to 0. This is due to the dependence of the filter on an internal system model [12,30].

A well drilled for Walter Hunt ” about three- quarters of a mile northwest of Earkwood station locahty 66? Gilbert Van Ingen, of Princeton Univer- sity, who gave his time and the use of his automobile. Despite the lack of effort to limit array storage requirements, the program, as listed in Section B. Hird stony conglomerate Ugbt-green marly day fimd in layers, softer and harder. Scott is well-versed on the subject of historical folk songs. Da Da Mount Laurel and Wenooah. Solomon, referring to the Soviet recording industry, wrote Rothfield, “They are still very upset about the recording and have offered us a large sum of money to take it off the market.