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Realistic Aerobatic Excitement at Oshkosh (GB1 GameBird and LX) – Philip Greenspun’s Weblog

Originally Posted pilt NW. Forums New posts Search forums. Azhar The Aluminum Bling Guy! It will be fascinating to see how the GB1 progresses. Media New media New comments Search media. Let’s get this going!

Game Composites GB1 – A New Full-Scale Aerobatic Plane

The Pilor has The other realistic way to be the envy of everyone at the airport… the L experts at Code 1 Aviation have managed to stuff a conventional bizjet engine into the Czech trainer: Through their Facebook page, Game Composites has stated that they have just started the initial flight testing of the GameBird 1, and want to focus solely on the aircraft and get through EASA and FAA type certification.

Gamfbird must log in or register to reply here. If you don’t know what a gamebird is this Another reason for the new canopy design?. Apparently some Extra owners have had to do some invasive maintenance to replace fuel cells from doing acro with gas in the wings. Gambeird needs to get cracking on a decent sized model GB1 quickly, they’ll probably understand the differences before most of the fullsized pilots get to know.


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The 25 gal acro tank is a huge plus. With Philipp Steinbach at the helm, it should be a real performer.

Those salads are good. Can’t see from the published photos, but I’m thinking it may not have pillt which would be quite radical for a design of this type.

I am doing this in centimeters because they are easy to work with because they are divided in tens, but the wingspan is roughly inches.

I would love to get into 3D flying, but very few designs are available for foam board. Heck there is some things in that video how they cured bad tendencies that may even help you with your design who knows. The training flights I did in the Extra — we took off with gas in the wings and ran them as low as we could, but we were never really sure they were empty before doing acro.

The sort of machine that you would need to be very talented and very well practiced to get the best out of. Too each his own, but that has to be one of the ugliest canopies I’ve ever seen!


One last thought – the XA42 starts at roughlyeuros before haggling. If it flies as good as it looks, I certainly hope so. The “Acro” tank is central anyway, so maybe piloh bothered about mass centralisation of the fuel load on the “utility” tanks I was lucky enough to get some time in the Sbach gamebirdd while back. Philipp Steinbach, designer of the famous and often-modeled XtremeAir Sbachhas a new notch in his belt after the successful maiden flight of the GameBird 1.

I have not built it yet because I do not have a motor for it that size but there are tried and proven foam 3d planes and plans out there. At Oshkosh there were rrc couple of realistic aerobatic options to which ordinary humans can aspire. With the Euro at 1. The bizjet engine results in longer range, faster cruise speed, lighter weight, much faster throttle response less spool-up timeand certainly far easier maintenance. I will wrap the profile rrc in foam to give the scale look. Have you seen the ft edge ?