You are just teasing me with it. These are two very different animals. You will however need a replacement ferrule as this is unlikely to be saved. And that 30 to yards is a minimum. I also hit one from the deck today It is lound and pretty long.

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Older Lefty 5 years ago. By now most of you understand how moveable weights work. If you were wondering if Callaway had to compromise performance for reshwft, the answer is an emphatic NO.

The review here was certainly a factor. The RIP shaft is very soft and the club head could have been lagging open. I really like the matte gray finish it looks almost raw that surrounds most of the perimeter and the weight fot.

JMB 7 years ago. Shinbone 6 years ago.

I once attempted to have a bore through driver reshafted and the local shops uniformly refused to touch it, insisting that it be sent to the manufacturer to do the work. Any help would be great please. Not surprising given the distance and accuracy numbers, our testers rated the RAZR Fit high for forgiveness. The charts below show the individual and group averages black dotted line for each shot our golfers took during our test of the the Callaway RAZR Fit Driver.


Jo-De-France 6 years ago. I know shortening the length effects the swing weight. Reluctantly tried out the razr yesterday. Could be another expensive year!

Help with reshafting callaway razr fit – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Javascript Tl Detected You currently have javascript disabled. But haven’t been able to confirm that. Posted 21 January – I also hit one from the deck today The callaway looks great, feels great, and is long but sure is not as accurate. Michael 7 years ago. In the meantime while waiting for the shaft to come in, my son gave me an R7 TM to use. Nov 29, 40 Comments. I will concur that this driver is very long, but even with it set at maximum draw face set to closed and weights set with the 12 gram weight in the heel it still would only go right for me.

Air Force Air Foil?

What the OptiFit system does that no other big OEM system does is allow you to maintain the original shaft orientation regardless of how the club is configured. The Razr Fit hit slightly lower than the Ping. Detailed data for each and every shot for which we collected data is viewable just below the performance section of this review.


My initial thoughts are that the shaft feels a bit soft for a R flex, but honestly that is probably exactly what a short hitter like me needs.

Help with reshafting callaway razr fit

Help with reshafting callaway razr fit Started by simonjJan 20 Calleway is crazy long! Full details of our testing and scoring procedures can be found here.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In the closed position the club sits a full 1. I have been playing a I changed my driver due to changes in my Swing style and swing speed.