You can either use JUnit, or TestNg to run your test, or you can write your own simple main program. Ripon Al Wasim This section is not yet developed. This log file is more verbose than the standard console logs it includes DEBUG level logging messages. Here you should put the actions you need the browser to do during your test. In addition, you may need exception handling for error recovery.

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A TestNG-xslt Report looks like this. Last updated on Dec 27, This program variable is then used to call methods from the browser. Install the Selenium RC Server. Run Selenium RC server from the console. For example, you webdrkver want to to execute a search multiple times. Before starting any tests you must start the server.

Most users should no longer need to do this however; if you are running Selenium RC in proxy injection mode, you may need to explicitly install this security certificate. Teaching JUnit or TestNG wbedriver beyond the scope of this document however materials may be found online and there are publications available.


Command Line Version

If you export your tests from Selenium-IDE, you may find yourself getting empty verify strings from your tests depending on the programming language used. Create a java project. If so, then there is a problem with the connectivity between the Selenium Client Library and the Selenium Server. Normally, your browser will trust the application you are testing by installing a security certificate which you already own.

Selenium Server receives Selenium commands from your test program, interprets them, and reports back to your program the results of running those tests. The RC server bundles Selenium Core and automatically injects it into the browser.

Post as a guest Name. Consider an application having check boxes with no static identifiers. In earlier versions, including Selenium RC 1.

When your test program cannot connect to the Selenium Server, Selenium throws an exception in your test program. Selenium RC supports this. This test could use the Selenese:.

– How to Run Selence Directly Within the Server Using -htmlSuite

NET client driver configuration. You can allow NUnit to manage the execution of your tests. So to create a test program, you simply write a program that runs a set of Selenium commands using a client library API. You can do some conditions by embedding javascript in Selenese parameters, however iteration is impossible, and most conditions will be much easier in a programming language. ReportNG provides a simple, colour-coded view of the test results.


In truth, many people choose to run the tests this way. Selenium Sponsors See who supports the Selenium project.

Running IDE scripts with Selenium RC

Some development environments like Eclipse have direct support for these via plug-ins. We create our unittest test case def setUp self: Firefox will not run two instances simultaneously unless you specify a separate profile for webdrier instance. Be sure to put your profile in a new folder separate from hgmlsuite default!!! This is useful if you have different versions of the same browser and you wish to use a specific one. The error from the test program looks like this:. The test suite contains the file names of the test case s to run.